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Cinderella Inspired

Cinderella Inspired

After viewing the movie "Cinderella and being completely inspired both romantically and creatively with hair design, Niagara Brides is on top of all the looks  "Cinderella" gracefully wore.  Her beautiful yet rugged look  designed with knotting and  weaving giving  a more rustic feel, perfect for that elegant rustic wedding or backyard rose garden wedding.
Her fish bone curls engraved throughout her thick curls also a very girl next door look.

Fashion In Italy

Niagara Brides Mobile Hair and Makeup visits Italy and what a spectacular visit it was.  The smell of freshly made Italian espresso that can only be remembered if you actually have been to Italy to smell it, the succulent figs growing on every left corner that literally melt in your mouth, the laughter of children playing on the cobblestone roads at 11:00 pm at night and the glitter show in the sky which are played by the trillions of stars that light up the sky at night. Only just a few  of the magnificent memories to bring home and savor.

Veil or not to Veil?

Let's face it, how often does a girl get to wear a veil? Hopefully just once, so you might want to consider this long-standing tradition even if it's just for the ceremony.However, picking the right veil and (optional) headpiece can be as challenging as finding the right gown. It's always best to try the dress and veil on together to make sure they compliment each other flawlessly.Keep comfort in mind as well as style. A detachable veil is great if you want to take it off before the reception and it won't ruin your hairstyle.

Red Lips vs. Nude Lips- Colin Cowie Weddings

The two hottest trends in lip color couldn't be further from each other on the color spectrum. Read on to see the benefits of each and find out which one is right for you.THE LADY IN REDRed lips say vamp, vixen and va va voom. Red lips also say confidence, glamour and "being the center of attention suits me just fine." There is nothing quite like a dash of bold red lipstick to complete a look, and contrary to what some believe, every woman can wear red.How to pick the right red for you?